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Globally Connected, Culturally Fluent

Join Miranda on her journey to understand the nuances and opportunities of property markets around the world. Based in Silicon Valley, but an experienced international real estate professional in her own right, Miranda connects with local industry experts from around the globe to uncover and share insights for potential homebuyers. Drawing upon this knowledge, her passion for remarkable homes, and the Sotheby’s International Realty network, Miranda curates properties and agents of exceptional quality and value to share with you.

Globally Connected, Culturally Fluent

Join international real estate professional Miranda Junowicz  as she connects with local industry experts from around the globe to uncover and share remarkable insights and properties for potential homebuyers.

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Palo Alto, California

Discover the drivers and nuances of this highly dynamic real estate market, surrounded by an unusual blend of intellect, innovation, culture and natural beauty.

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Whereabouts in Detroit: opportunity and community in the wake of a long struggle

In this episode of Whereabouts, we find ourselves in Detroit, the financial power base of the state of Michigan. Following a hard economic downtown in the start of the 2000s, in the last ten years Detroit is turning around, fueled by private and public investment in infrastructure, housing and jobs. The Detroit of today is a diverse and eclectic landscape of historic buildings, modern high-rises, and urban gardens.

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